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Organizational development and coaching with focus on well-being

– because everyone deserves to feel good!

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Organizational Development

Organizational development is about reaching success and achieving good results for the organization, its groups and its individuals. As a consultant I support you both with larger and smaller assignments. I always use your needs as the starting point and explore what kind of approach will suit you best. This may involve workshops, facilitation, course development or project management. It can also be about conflict management, team development or leadership development. You know what you need – I will help you find your solution.

Good to know

I have certificates in several instruments measuring people’s behavior and development, e.g. GDQ, Group Development Questionnaire (Wheelan) and IDI, Interpersonal Dynamics Inventory (Zackrison & Larsson).


Coaching is about focusing on your strengths, your potential and your motivation, as well as setting goals and work on how to get there. As a professional coach I support you by listening and asking questions to help you sort out and figure out what your next step will be. I offer Life coaching, Career coaching and Executive coaching. You have the answers to what you need and want to achieve within yourself – I will help you find them

Good to know

I am a certified coach at Senior Practitioner Level  by the standards of EMCC – European Mentoring and Coaching Council.

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I offer courses in personal development and learning, courses where you together with others train new behaviors. They all focus on your well-being, and they are all based on practical training with tips and exercises to help you continue your new practices in your everyday life. Examples of courses that I offer also in English are Self-leadership and Stress management.

Good to know

I have experience in developing and leading several courses for leaders and employees. I also have experience of educating psychology students.

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About Livsprio

Livsprio focuses on increasing well-being, both for organizations and for you as an individual.

I am Anna Silbo, founder of Livsprio. I have worked for many years as an organizational consultant, which includes leadership development and team development, and I have a Master of Science in Psychology.

Through Livsprio I support individuals, groups and organizations to develop successfully by focusing on well-being. My belief is that everyone performs better when they feel good, and that happiness contributes positively to interaction between people.

Livsprio is characterized by commitment, happiness, energy and results. I have created Livsprio because I want to make a difference. My vision is that well-being becomes the biggest epidemic of our time. For now is the time – everyone deserves to feel good.

Please contact me and let us book a meeting to discuss how I can support you. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Anna Silbo

Anna Silbo
072 – 44 88 067
Järfälla Stockholm